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Towel Manufacturers Behind Your Great Brands

Kerala Textiles is a towel manufacturing company that was established with the aim of providing the first class towels to people all over the world. Kerala Textiles has over ten years of experience in this business. We have 4 towel factories in China. We have been manufacturing for many leading towel brands around the world for years.

Kerala Textiles takes pride in its business and strives to never let down any client in terms of quantity and quality. No matter the bulk of the order, we have always supplied our clients with good and satisfactory results. Our treatment towards customers and clients is of utter respect because they are the reason we have been in this business for so long. So that we can make ourself sticks out from the other towel factories.

Furthermore, we can assure the people that we have outstanding and exceptional quality of products. Our products are made to be durable, and if used only for the intended purpose, they can also pass the test of time.

Our hired hands are experienced and skillful in this art. Their knowledge and strengths are put to test in the initial stages of the hiring process. Moreover, we have a very high criterion of employing people, whether it is for labor purpose or some position behind the desks.

We are responsible for only the manufacturing and supplying of towels to major brands. We do not deal with a single client or customer as it is against our policy. Also, we only provide OEM services to such brands.

For more information in regards to our OEM process, please keep on reading.

Types of towels

We have never compromised on the quality of our products. We offer a variety of towels that is suitable for every human need possible for example towels for gym, for beaches, for hotels, for general household use, towel for kitchen use and much more. Besides these, we also produce towels for animals and pets. Our goods mostly include:

● Pure microfiber towels

We specialize in making great quality microfiber towels that will be fit for almost every need.

Our microfiber towels have teeny tiny fibers that give it the quality of being super absorbent. Not only this, they are made of such materials that make it fast drying too and within few minutes, the moisture and dampness from the towel vanish entirely.

● Mixed microfiber towels

The difference between our pure and mixed microfiber towels lies in composition and price. Mixed microfiber towels are 85% polyester and 15% cotton, and its price is slightly lower than the pure one.

● Turkish towels

Turkish towels are made from cotton that is from Turkey. Ours is super light and quick drying too as it minimally absorb any water and instead it pushes the majority of the water off the body. Furthermore, they are travel-friendly and can be carried anywhere due to their light weight feature.

● Egyptian towels

Our Egyptian towels are made specifically from the cotton imported from Egypt. They are thick and have a super absorbent quality which makes them excellent for beach or bath use.

● Linen towels

Our linen towels have the ratio of 80:10 of linen and cotton respectively. They are expensive, but their price tags can be justified in the fact that they are exceptionally durable, and they get softer with every wash.

● Customized towels

Our customized towels are specifically made according to the clients’ requirements for hotels and pools with embroidered monograms.

The Preeminent Towel Manufacturer

All of our products precedes the clients’ expectations and have the following features;


The general size in which all of our towels usually come is 35 cm in length or height, and 75 cm in width.  Note that this is our general and most demanded size, and we do make towel ranging in different sizes and shapes too to fit the needs of children and adults alike.


We produce in tons of different colors. They also come in plain or printed forms, whatever is the need of our clients. Moreover, the towels can be dyed according to our clients’ demands.


They have some amazing and promising features. They are anti-bacterial and eco-friendly. Additionally, they have strikingly beautiful designs and are soft to the touch.


As said earlier, these products can be put to variety of uses, but our manufacturers also produce special towels for special need, like:

  • Traveling
  • Sports
  • Gym
  • Pets
  • Hair, face, and hands
  • Beach
  • Bathrobes
  • Kitchen usage
  • Yoga

Furthermore, we also manufacture towel gift packs, baby’s hooded & normal towels, and beach dress towels. We also provide jacquard, embroidered, embossed, yarn dyed, hand or machine stitched, and printed towels.

kerala textiles

Our OEM process

The process of ordering from us is very convenient, reliable, and easy to use. It is specifically made this way to ensure clients’ satisfaction.

The first step in this process is artwork. We listen to our clients’ needs and requirements, and then we present them with the art for visual confirmation. After the confirmation, we produce a single sample for quality check and send it to our buyers for assurance of the product.

Following the verifications, we confirm the bulk of the order and the related details and get it ready to be shipped by air or ship; this too will be according to the preference of the client.

If under any circumstances, the clients fail to make deposits, then we will refuse to process their requests and orders.

We ship our products mainly to North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and some parts of South Asia. However, we can ship to other parts of the world too.

Why choose us?

The reason to choose us is because

  • We have variety of products to suit every marketer’s needs
  • We have 4 production bases in China to keep quick delivery
  • We have great Quality Control Dep. to keep high quality towels
  • We have a highly friendly customer support staff to help out clients.

There are tens of thousands of textile manufacturers all around the world, especially in Asia. But it’s hard to find one has run for 20 years. Kerala Textile can always grow because of many reasons, which you can find them when you cooperate with us.